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Soft Armour
High performance bullet-proofing building material
“Soft Armour” is a unique, patented product which uses a ceramic ball material that can protect personnel and sensitive equipment against projectile attack with
small calibre, amour-piercing ammunition. Soft Armour is “self-healing” meaning it can take several hits in the same hole without any degradation of protection providing unequalled protection against ballistic threats.
State of the art rapidly installed ballistic protection against small arms to Armour piercing ammunition.
- Simple, rapid construction
- Minimum Tools and Training Required
- Easily transported
- Ballistic Protection from 9mm -.50 inch
- Rapid replacement for existing defences
- Suitable for all environments
- Range of colours and designs

Product Areas

Covers all permanent, projectile protection systems in fixed construction solutions. Buildings outer and inner walls, reception counters, watch rooms, gate postings, guard areas or towers, and similar construction areas can all be easily protected rapidly.

Quickly-built protection walls around tents, containers, vehicles and technological installations are in ever-increasing demand. Soft Armour Modular are prefabricated, movable modules assembled on site and filled with a ceramic ball material.

A threat can quickly arise that calls for a temporary protection solution. Mobile protection could be the answer. Soft Armour Shield are finished, free-standing shield structures on wheels. They can quickly be set up, either individually or jointly, to protect .and exit of buildings.


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