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Blast Polymer

Ultimate Blast-proofing Spray-on Polymer
MG-100 is a unique, patented plasticized polymer mix which can be sprayed onto almost any service providing blast protection which has been tested and certified up to 5000 Kg of TNT.

MG-100 is easily applied to the prepared surface by a spray, to a thickness dependent upon level of protection desired. Once applied correctly by trained operators the polymer will be dry in approximately 30 minutes leaving the wall or structure fully protected against blast and fragmentation.

Developed specifically for protection of existing walls and structure, even a single newly constructed block wall can be protected against an explosive blast as close as
25M away based on an application of 8 mm of MG-100 on either side of the wall and remain intact. This unique material is able to absorb the forces of the blast wave of 500 Kg of TNT when positioned 23 metres away from the point of initiation.

MG-100 is supplied ready mixed and ready for application and requires minimal training for successful application to any surface.

On steel surfaces MG-100 has proven effective against various explosive threats and provides year round anti-corrosion protection, even after salt-water immersion and extreme arid conditions.

MG-100 can be mixed with a choice of blended approved colorants or can be painted after drying to whatever colour desired to blend in with the surrounding area.

Spray on Polymer providing protection against up to 5 Tonne of High Explosive in only 30 minutes

- Simple, rapid application
- Minimum Tools and Training required
- Easily transported
- Blast Protection tested to 5000 Kg TNT
- Rapid addition for existing defences
- Suitable for all b products_Sentical.htmluilding, vessels and structures


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