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NTelliSec was formed in 2006 a systems integrator of the latest Security Surveillance systems. NTelliSec partner in the UK Envisage Technology has been in business since 1999, distributing state of the art Security Surveillance Technology.

NTelliSec consultants have been analysing security systems installed in major cities of Pakistan. NTelliSec have the leading edge technology which will benefit our clients and increase security in the current climate. Our dedicated technical team in the UK researches the latest technology on the market and thoroughly tests the technology before installing on client sites.

We have a vast range of cost effective Santec cameras, lenses and housings providing a welcome variety for entry level applications. SentryScope's unrivalled resolution and field of view, will allow you to secure huge areas with crystal clear images and minimal cameras. Our line of super intelligent video analytics from IOImage will have your site thinking and acting for its self. If you need stable and reliable video recording whether it is for analogue, IP or megapixel, Multieye has it covered. The IQInvision range delivers pixel perfect images over a wide range of different models. All of these high quality products are backed up with high quality support to make sure you get the very best out of your equipment.
A number of NTelliSec staff have Security Clearance. NTelliSec have a close working relationship with some of the top international consultants in the industry. NTelliSec want to help their customers feel more secure.
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