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NTelliSec is a solution provider of the latest CCTV technology, explosive dedicator and and revolutionary car scanning machine in the market; specializing in providing end to end consultancy from initial design to implementation of the final system.

NTelliSec research the market and offer the latest state of the art technology including the amazing SentryScope which gives a stunning 21 mega pixel image (currently the highest resolution camera on the market); along with conventional CCTV products we also offer Facial Recognition and Access Control Systems.

NTelliSec offer a full range of intelligent video analysis products that can be simply and economically retrofitted to any existing CCTV video surveillance camera to detect and provide information on a number of behavior patterns, such as boundary violations using virtual tripwires, unauthorized direction of movement, unattended article detection, article removal detection, together with video motion and non-motion detection.

We provide:
  • Consultancy advising clients on systems best suiting their security requirements
  • Installation of the latest state of the art CCTV Cameras and Security Systems
  • Installation of Fibre Optic Wiring
  • Design & Installation of control rooms
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